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Get high-performance, real-time data streaming to Yellowbrick while reducing costs

As businesses’ needs grow, analytics costs can quickly and unexpectedly spiral out of control. Yellowbrick Data Warehouse overcomes this challenge by offering a flat subscription model and a unique architecture engineered for extreme efficiency. Equalum extends these advantages throughout the entire delivery pathway to the cloud by providing a high-performance data integration and real-time streaming platform that replaces multiple tools and is offered at a predictable fixed price.

20K changes per second

Stream real-time data to Yellowbrick via change data capture (CDC)

1 second latency

From source to Yellowbrick

15 min setup time

Build your first real-time data pipeline to Yellowbrick in minutes

Optimized data ingestion performance

Equalum and Yellowbrick’s engineering teams have joined forces to develop an optimized data ingestion process for every use case. For high throughput bulk ingestion, Equalum combines parallel computing with Yellowbrick’s YB Load mechanism. This optimization allows organizations to achieve performance gains, especially when dealing with large-scale bulk-load data ingestions. For low-latency real-time ingestion, Equalum combines industry-leading CDC with ultra-fast streaming technologies that capture events in real-time at the source and delivers them to Yellowbrick at industry-leading speeds. Unlike many other analytics databases, Yellowbrick excels at high throughput, low latency streaming data ingestion.

Low latency real-time ingestion via industry-leading CDC

High-throughput bulk ingestion via YB load mechanism

Optimized performance per use case that results in substantial cost savings

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