Use Case

Streaming ETL Tool

Move data to the cloud in real-time with built-in transformations, automatic schema evolution and end-to-end monitoring

Equalum’s streaming ETL tool offers robust, in-flight transformations that aggregate, cleanse, and enrich your data and then feed it to cloud analytics platforms and applications. Deploy CDC-powered ETL pipelines in minutes to transform and deliver data continuously to your cloud and on-prem warehouses. With our simple, no-code UI and Spark and Kafka under the hood, building and maintaining pipelines has never been easier.

Real-Time Date Streaming + Stream Processing

  • Simple

    • Build powerful ETL pipelines with just a few clicks
    • Intuitive UI with drag-and-drop features

  • Reliable

    • Maintain pipeline health with built-in alerts, real-time data monitoring, data versioning and multi-tenancy
    • Ensure data integrity with our exactly once guarantee

  • Optimized For The Cloud

    • Reduce your data warehouse/lake costs by pre-processing data in-flight
    • Bulk load to popular cloud data warehouses and lakes with unparalleled speed & performance

Real-Time Insights

“We chose Equalum because its CDC tool is easier to use and we’re able to build streams rapidly and get the data in the shape that we want. We like the process and the support.”

“We were looking for a no or low-code solution. We wanted easy configuration. And we wanted real-time. After trying several ETL tools, we chose Equalum."

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