Real-time Operations

Optimize your operations with real-time data

Real-time data is the foundation for operational excellence. It can help you and your supply chain become more agile while continuously improving operational efficiency. Equalum captures real-time data from multiple sources and delivers it continuously to cloud-based data warehouses, where it feeds real-time operations solutions.

Identify changes in customer demand

Identify customer demand trends in order to adjust your operations and supply chain accordingly

Respond to events rapidly

Quickly adapt your supply chain, manufacturing and operations to unforeseen events

Improve operational efficiency

Use real-time data to uncover opportunities to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction

Integrate Data From Operational Systems & Other Sources

Equalum captures data in real-time from enterprise systems and delivers them in a manner that can be immediately ingested and integrated to leading cloud data analytics platforms.

High-Performance Change Data Capture

Designed for high data volumes and high performance, Equalum’s CDC solution uses ultra-fast binary log parsing technology to increase throughput by up to 10x and reduce impact on operational databases by up to 90%.

Build Data Pipelines That Process Data In-Flight

Build ETL pipelines in minutes using our platform’s intuitive, visual UI. With Equalum, you can easily process your data in-flight and apply a wide variety of transformations, including correlations between multiple sources, aggregations, and computations that can be used to perform complex in-flight business logic as the data is fed to your dashboard.

Ingest Real-Time Data To Leading Cloud Data Analytics Platforms

Equalum uses cloud data analytics best practices to ingest and integrate data in high volumes in the most cost-efficient way possible.

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