Use Case

Real-Time Data Replication

Replicate data to the cloud with 10x throughput, powered by industry-leading change data capture (CDC)

Equalum powers high-volume data replication to cloud and on-prem targets, with a simplified platform that lets you easily build data pipelines with no coding required. Integrate data from multiple sources, including legacy systems, and stream it to your data warehouse/lake in real-time, with automated data mapping and minimal source overhead.

  • Simple

    • Easily replicate hundreds of objects in a few clicks
    • Intuitive and powerful UI with drag-and-drop features
  • Fast

    • High throughput, sub-second latency
    • Data pipelines optimized per target
  • Reliable & Scalable

    • Exactly once guarantee & end-to-end workflow management
    • Automated data mapping between different sources and targets
    • Minimal impact on source
  • You’re In Control

    • Extensive monitoring & automated sync between the initial capture & the CDC data
    • Metadata can easily be added to enrich the replication data
Tier-1 CDC in performance and overhead btn Optimized sinks for popular targets

Real-Time Insights

“We chose Equalum because its CDC tool is easier to use and we’re able to build streams rapidly and get the data in the shape that we want. We like the process and the support.”

“We were looking for a no or low-code solution. We wanted easy configuration. And we wanted real-time. After trying several real-time ETL tools, we chose Equalum."

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