Use Case

Oracle Data Replication

Leverage Equalum’s Oracle Binary Log Parser to capture real-time data from your Oracle databases – with 10x increased throughput

The Problem: LogMiner is slow, inefficient, and being deprecated

Oracle users have long relied on Oracle LogMiner for Oracle database replication. Unfortunately, LogMiner was never intended to be used for data replication purposes. LogMiner has a hard coded limitation of a single CPU capacity, which significantly limits throughput. Moreover, that CPU is your source database CPU, which puts a significant strain on your system. As a result, LogMiner cannot handle more than 10,000 changes per second if you are looking at standard, operational system changes. Bottom line: LogMiner is not an option for databases with high change volumes. In addition, with the release of Oracle 19c (19.1), Oracle announced that the continuous mine option is desupported, and Oracle customers are being pushed to use other, more expensive tools like GoldenGate. That means real-time data replication is significantly more complex and expensive for Oracle users. 

The Solution: Oracle Binary Log Parser (OBLP) by Equalum

Equalum understood that companies needed a tool for Oracle data replication that could handle much higher data volumes, but without the high costs associated with GoldenGate, and without putting a heavy load on the source system. To that end, Equalum spent years developing its own industry-leading interface: Oracle Binary Log Parser (OBLP). Equalum’s OBLP offers the best option for CDC data replication that is 10 times faster than LogMiner and 50% less expensive than GoldenGate on average. OBLP bypasses LogMiner and directly mines Oracle’s binary redo/archive log files, sending the data to be processed remotely on the Equalum Platform, minimizing the load on the source database to the absolute minimum. OBLP provides substantial advantages over any market solution for replicating data from Oracle in real-time and supports all versions, starting with Oracle 12c.

Than Oracle LogMiner

Achieve throughput of up to 100,000 changes per second, per log source

Than Oracle GoldenGate

GoldenGate’s legacy pricing model can become prohibitively expensive as your databases grow.

OBLP is priced for cloud adoption, lowering costs by 50% or more compared to GoldenGate

On Your Oracle Databases

Reduce impact on Oracle source databases by up to 90% due to remote binary log extraction

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