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Stream data to GCP in real-time and power real-time analytics in BigQuery

Equalum moves your data to Google Cloud Platform in real-time, powering BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, and more. Replicate operational and transactional data or transform it in-flight before it reaches GCP. Our platform’s drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to build reliable and highly scalable data pipelines in minutes, with exactly once delivery guarantee and minimal impact on your source.

Stream real-time data directly to BigQuery via change data capture

Seamlessly connect legacy systems & operational databases to GCP with minimal source impact

Reduce costs by pre-processing data before it reaches GCP

Real-time Data to Power BigQuery

Relying on stale data is no longer an option in the modern analytics era. To make the most of BigQuery, you need to continuously feed the analytics platform with fresh data. Equalum makes it easy to ingest operational data from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and more and replicate it in real-time to BigQuery using CDC. We also offer robust built-in transformations, so you can enrich, aggregate, and cleanse your data before it reaches BQ and Google Cloud. Finally, our clients rely on our real-time monitoring and alerting to ensure pipeline health and an uninterrupted flow of fresh data.

Replicate data from Oracle to BigQuery using ultra-fast binary log parsing

Enterprise-grade monitoring, alerting, and data ops

Exactly once guarantee & end-to-end workflow management

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