Data Warehouse

Modernize your infrastructure with a platform optimized for data integration to the cloud

As companies move to the cloud, they face the challenge of modernizing their data architecture while keeping legacy systems connected. Equalum makes it easy to stream real-time data from legacy solutions to cloud and hybrid environments, with an enterprise-grade data integration platform that helps lower costs and automate the process from end-to-end.

Modernize your analytics with reliable real-time operational data

Leverage best practices optimized for streaming data integration to the cloud

Reduce costs by pre-processing data before it reaches the data warehouse/lake

Data Warehouse Modernization

Power your analytics with real-time data

Equalum supports data warehouse modernization for leading on-prem and cloud solutions like Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift, allowing companies to become truly analytics-driven. Whether you’re moving to a cloud data warehouse or modernizing your on-prem data center, Equalum helps you securely and reliably get the data you need in real-time, with an enterprise-grade platform that accelerates time to benefit.

Easily and automatically create end-to-end data pipelines

Leverage Spark under the hood for real-time ETL with no coding required

Feed modern data warehouses continuous stream of processed and/or raw data

Real-Time Data For Data Modernization

Stale data is inadequate in the modern analytics era, which means successful data modernization requires a reliable, real-time data streaming solution. Equalum’s Change Data Capture (CDC) powers real-time data replication and stream processing that quickly deliver analytics-ready data wherever you need it. Equalum makes it simple to ingest data from a broad range of sources and stream it in real-time to your modern data warehouse or lake.  Our platform also offers robust in-flight transformations, so you can enrich, cleanse, and standardize your data before it reaches the warehouse.

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