Cloud Data Integration

Get real-time data to the cloud with built-in reliability and high-performance

Equalum offers continuous, real-time cloud data integration with industry-leading change data capture (CDC) and a robust platform that ensures reliability and performance, without the need for special integrations or development.

Cloud Ingestion Made Simple

Connect legacy and hybrid systems to the cloud in minutes, with no-code, drag and drop UI. Leverage powerful CDC connectors to extract real-time data from your on-prem sources.

In-Flight Transformations

Process data in-flight with Spark and Kafka under the hood, providing high throughput and low latency, as well as robust data manipulation capabilities.

Reduce Cloud Costs

Ingesting your data the wrong way can lead to excessive and rapidly growing cloud costs. Equalum optimizes data streaming to the cloud to minimize usage costs so that you only pay for what you need.

Ingest Data To All Enterprise Cloud Targets

Equalum supports data ingestion to all popular cloud service providers, including Azure, GCP, Yellowbrick, Snowflake and AWS. Avoid vendor-lock-in by being able to easily move your data from one cloud vendor to the other. With Equalum you can sync data to a wide variety of targets within each cloud vendor with just a few clicks.

Exactly Once Delivery Guarantee

Equalum ensures end-to-end, exactly-once delivery from source to cloud target. Equalum’s error handling and data consistency mechanisms mean that even when a stream is interrupted, Equalum will seamlessly recover the process without the need to worry about duplicate or missing events.

High-Throughput Cloud Data Ingestion

Equalum combines parallel computing processing with target-specific bulk-load mechanisms to achieve high-throughput ingestion to the cloud. This optimization allows you to achieve performance gains and cost reductions, especially when dealing with large-scale bulk load data ingestions.

Secure Data Streaming To The Cloud

Ingesting sensitive data to the cloud requires securing it at every stage of the process. Equalum supports encrypted data integration into the cloud, including target-specific best practices and robust authentication capabilities.

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