Surgere is a technology company leveraging IoT to revolutionize the supply chain. They provide software and hardware to the world’s leading industries to give them expanded visibility into their physical supply chain and help them overcome transportation, logistics, and storage challenges.

Technical Use Case: Change Data Capture (CDC) Replication + Streaming ETL

Business Use Case: Real-time analytics (consolidate multiple database sources to a single target reporting database)

Sources/Targets: MS SQL & Microsoft Azure SQL to MS SQL

The Challenge

Surgere was faced with the challenge of having all of their clients’ data on different databases, making reporting and analytics difficult. “We didn’t have an easy mechanism to look at all of our clients’ data in one place,” said Thomas Strain, VP of Technology & Product Management. 

Surgere wanted to bring the reportable data from all of their different clients into one data warehouse in real-time, where it could be analyzed with Power BI and other tools. Strain added: “In order to simplify data models and look to the future to do machine learning, we needed to bring all the data into one database vs 20+ databases.”

The Solution

Surgere decided that the ideal solution was an advanced ETL tool to move the data to one central warehouse. Ease of use was a key consideration. “We were looking for a no or low-code solution.” said Strain, “We wanted easy configuration. And we wanted real-time. After trying several real-time ETL tools, we chose Equalum.”

“The ease-of-use was very compelling,” said Strain. “We also appreciated Equalum’s high availability and automatic failover.” 

During the POC, they were also impressed by platform features like automatic initial capture to streaming CDC (Change Data Capture), in-memory lookup-tables to reduce the complexity of the data, and the wide range of robust transformations. “We were doing a lot of transformations, so this was critical,” he said.

The Result

“Now we can look across all of our customers and model for one set of behaviors,” said Strain. With all of their clients’ data now flowing to one data warehouse in real-time, Surgere has been able to implement advanced learning and modeling for all of our customers. “It definitely reduces the burden for Power BI development, making it very transferable and improving performance on the back end.”

Equalum’s customer service has also made the process easier and more efficient. “The support provided by Equalum has been very strong,” said Strain.

Finally, Equalum’s enterprise-grade platform has helped improve productivity.

“It’s a solid, intuitive interface,” said Strain. “The platform is well-designed, it just works the way it’s supposed to work.”

Surgere plans to integrate additional client databases in the future, and with real-time data powered by Equalum, to achieve greater scalability to pursue machine learning and other use cases.