HFR Fribourg is a major public hospital located in Fribourg, Switzerland that provides healthcare services to more than 150,000 patients per year. 

Technical Use Case: Change Data Capture (CDC) replication

Business Use Case: Real-time operations + analytics

Sources/Targets: Oracle > SQL Server – via ultra-fast Oracle Binary Log Parser (OBLP) 

The Challenge

The hospital’s data team was faced with the challenge of providing critical operational and financial data to the hospital’s management in a timely manner, allowing them to evaluate the situation at the hospital day-to-day and respond to events/trends quickly. The data included how many patients were arriving at the ER, total number of admitted patients, as well as financial and HR data needed by the finance department and BI Team. In addition, HFR needed data streaming for regulatory compliance and benchmarking with other hospitals. 

Their biggest obstacle was extracting the data from their sources, since they were stored on legacy systems with limited capacity. “Before Equalum, we had to alternate data sources each night, because of the load on our infrastructure,” said Alexis Legrand, Application Owner at HFR. “We weren’t able to get data at the frequency we needed to the data warehouse.”

The Solution

HFR needed a real-time data streaming solution, and decided that a change data capture (CDC) tool was their best option because of minimal impact on the source. After researching and testing several CDC tools, they chose Equalum.

“We chose Equalum because its CDC tool was easier to use and we were able to build streams rapidly and get the data in the shape that we wanted,” said Alexis Legrand. “We liked the process and the support, and it was easier to get data quickly. The learning curve was steeper with some of the other CDC tools.”  

The Result

Thanks to Equalum’s industry-leading CDC solution featuring Oracle Binary Log Parsing (OBLP), HFR is now able to stream critical operational and business data to their warehouse in real-time, powering dashboards that help the hospital run smoothly and ensure that it always has the capacity to provide critical patient care.