Migrating to the cloud used to be considered an opportunity for the enterprise – an area of business growth and potential marked as something to pursue, but not necessarily an immediate imperative. With the advent of COVID-19 and the exponential pressure on digital transformation and real-time response to ever changing consumer behavior, cloud migration and ingestion has become more of a business risk than future plan. There are many drivers pushing the enterprise and businesses towards Cloud Migration.

A few common use cases are the need for:

  1. Zero-downtime migration from on-prem to the cloud
  2. Enabling Real Time Analytics
  3. Enabling Cloud BI

These new use cases come with challenges to overcome including:

  1. Migrating data from older, legacy technologies to new state-of-the-art-technologies which are nothing alike. You will have to deal with data type conversions, different syntax, drivers, etc.
  2. Extracting data in real-time in a non-intrusive way that will not negatively impact your operational systems.
  3. Managing and monitoring hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of ingestion processes and then find and treat any possible errors.
  4. Working with and managing multiple tools to accomplish the desired data ingestion/migration scope of work.

For example, in order to facilitate zero-downtime migration, you will need a change data capture powered replication tool. To enable real-time analytics, you will need a stream processing tool. For traditional batch ETL, you will need a dedicated tool, ending up with three tools to manage, monitor and pay for.

Many organizations are feeling the pressure of either legacy, proprietary tools feeding their architectures, driving up costs and locking them in. Others are looking for avenues to upgrade and/or streamline for reduced cost, real-time insights and ease of use.

Check out Equalum’s answer to these three Cloud Ingestion & Migration Use Cases in these brief platform Demos.

USE CASE #1: Zero Downtime Migration from On-Prem to Cloud

Equalum Example: Replicate Changes from Oracle to AWS Postgres

Data Replication from Oracle to AWS Postgres

USE CASE #2: Enabling Real-Time Cloud Analytics

Equalum Example: Stream, Transform & Load Data in Real-Time from On-Prem Kafka to Azure Data Lake

Real-time ETL from Kafka to Azure Data Lake

USE CASE #3: Enabling Cloud BI

Equalum Example: On-Prem Batch ETL into Snowflake Data Warehouse

Batch ETL into Snowflake Data Warehouse