Engineered for Performance at Scale

Equalum’s Data Beaming platform captures the power of cutting-edge Big Data frameworks in a precision-engineered environment offering an intuitive, end-to-end solution for enterprises.

Built for real-time. Ideal for any speed

Equalum’s Data Beaming technology is engineered for real-time data ingestion; many enterprises also see value in using Data Beaming to improve the reliability and scalability of batch processes.

Taming open source technologies

Data Beaming harnesses the power of Kafka and Spark, among other cutting-edge open source technologies valued for their innovation and scalability.

Leading the way in CDC

Proprietary innovations in Change Data Capture (CDC) mean a transparent and non-intrusive way of capturing changes in real-time from source data – without modifying the underlying data application.

Enterprise-grade environment

Equalum’s platform is engineered from the ground up for robustness and reliability. Best-in-class monitoring, security, fault tolerance, and availability make Equalum a plug-and-play solution for complex organizations.

Intuitive, user-focused interface

A fully no-coding approach complete with a drag-and-drop UI enables a wide range of technical and business users to configure, maintain, and derive insights from Equalum’s platform.

Any source. Any target.

Quickly and easily configure a data beaming relationship between virtually any data source and target in a platform built for simplicity and flexibility.

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