The Power of Data Beaming

Accelerate past traditional ETL and open-source implementations

Traditional ETL is bursting at the seams

Enterprises are faced with more data, from more sources, than ever. Data leaders tasked with mobilizing organizations are scrambling to retrofit traditional batch-based ETL processes to keep up. But homemade scripts and workarounds are prone to failure and impossible to scale.

Data beaming is a different type of technology

Data beaming means teleporting data in real-time from any source to any target. Infinite scalability in place of strained batch routines. Instant, seamless data connectivity between any source and any target instead of cumbersome implementation and maintenance of ETL processes.

The best of both worlds

Industry leaders value cutting-edge open-source technologies like Spark and Kafka for their innovation and scalability. But a small spark isn’t enough to light the way. Only Equalum harnesses that power in a full end-to-end solution designed for the enterprise. With best-in-class security, monitoring, and intuitive user-centered design, Equalum is precision-engineered to help enterprises get value from their data fast.

Trusted by industry leaders

Technology pioneers in the manufacturing and financial services are driving breakthrough results with Equalum’s Data Beaming technology. Whether streaming mechanical sensor data to optimize just-in-time manufacturing fab delivery, or supporting real-time loan analytics, Equalum drives proven value for enterprises seeking to make use of their data in real time.

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