Teleport ahead of traditional ETL with Data Beaming

Conventional ETL can’t keep up with the volume and velocity of data in the enterprise. Equalum’s Data Beaming technology enables businesses to seamlessly move operational data to real-time analytics environments.


Built with cutting-edge open source technology, including Spark and Kafka, and designed to support beaming between any number of data sources and targets


Engineered for plug-and-play integration into the enterprise with easy setup, low footprint on sources, and minimum application impact


Best-in-class security, monitoring, fault-tolerance, and availability

Equalum’s Data Beaming platform was built to capture the power and scalability of big data frameworks in a rich, intuitive environment designed for the enterprise - running on-prem, on-cloud, or on a hybrid of both.

Data Beaming from any source to any target – in real-time or batch

Harnesses cutting-edge open source frameworks Spark and Kafka

State-of-the-art CDC data extraction for minimum impact on applications

Enterprise-grade reliability, fault tolerance and automatic failure handling

No-coding, drag-and-drop interface for easy configuration and maintenance

Technologies like Equalum help users of the Predix platform to stream multiple data sources to the cloud in real time. Where the Predix cloud can uniquely enable sensor data analytics for the Industrial Internet, it now adds an extra element that allows customers to analyze data from any source and correlate data from multiple sources in real time.
–Parag Goradia, Executive Director SE, General Electric
With Equalum as a TCS COIN partner, we are able to support our clients' data migration requirements very efficiently. Businesses that earlier relied on cumbersome ETL processes to move operational data to analytics environments can now readily beam their data in real-time and from any source to any defined destination. Equalum's data beaming platform has been used to address our customers in financial and industrial sectors to resolve their data scaling issues.
- Ben Gilad, Head, Tata Consultancy Services Co-Innovation Network (COIN™), Europe & Israel

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